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The company is a dangerous goods and special goods transportation company established by Yuanda Yunda group with a registered capital of RMB 112 million. It has a high-quality and digital management team and businesses such as warehousing, land transportation, water transportation, air transportation and large parking lot.

Shanghai Jiexiong dangerous goods transportation Co., Ltd. is a legal enterprise approved by Shanghai Administration of industry and commerce, taxation and land administration. At present, it has more than 80 staff (excluding truck drivers) and more than 200 long-distance trucks and distribution vehicles in the city. It has containers, semi closed, flat plates, 3t-60t, 6-17m models. Shanghai has 30000 square meters storage center and 30000 square meters M's parking lot. Provide] door-to-door services and joint insurance of China Property united insurance company, so as to avoid worries for customers. With the management mode of digitalization, humanization and whole process GPS monitoring, it has become a professional and perfect high-quality logistics company. With strong strength and modern management, it has continuously improved the service quality and expanded the market, and has set up branches in major cities of the country to provide convenience for customers to provide and deliver goods.

Best price;The most intimate service;Safest guarantee;Welcome new and old customers.



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