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Corporate governance

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Modern management means, e-commerce system, road express freight system, professional distribution system and road safety emergency system have been optimized and improved, so as to gradually form a transportation management system with advanced equipment, complete facilities, information channels, thoughtful service, scientific management and convenient transportation.

The company has excellent management team, professional operation management system and training, and well-trained operation team, which effectively ensures the high level of business operation; senior logistics experts, which ensure the feasibility, professionalism and originality of customer logistics scheme: digital business management platform, increasingly perfect information management system, which strengthens the interaction with customers and ensures the flow of settlement system Smooth operation, enhanced the monitoring ability of the whole transportation process, and realized the requirements of timely business operation dynamics for customers; GPS dispatching monitoring system, all vehicles are equipped with global satellite positioning system (GPSI, combined with geographic information system (GIS) technology, to realize the vehicle operation satellite monitoring, safe and reliable, signal area covers the main provinces and cities of the country; advanced management system, management Concept, effectively guide the integration of resources and cost control, effectively reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, and achieve a "win-win" situation between the company and customers.

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